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For Foreign Customers

precamo sells a prepaid card (Japan code)
to play in the Mobage in Japan.

About precamo

precamo is a site that sells a prepaid card to purchase the coins to be used in online games such as Mobage. (2013 start of the service)

Product is a digital code that can be handled by all online. Also if you live overseas, you can easily purchase the Japan prepaid card.

In order to buy a prepaid card in precamo, you must have an account registered to the precamo (FREE).


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How to account registration

How to use precamo

Available in Mobage of Japan,
Mobage MobaCoin card (Japan code).

Mobage MobaCoin cards and the like sold in precamo is issued prepaid card of Japan for the service in Japan.

To buy Mobage Mobakoi down card even through precamo in if you live overseas, you can use in the Mobage in Japan.
(Issued credit card or debit card will be available in the precamo overseas (outside of Japan).)

For example, you can purchase the following game of the coins in the Mobage.

グランブルーファンタジー(Granblue Fantasy) / アイドルマスター(idolmaster) / ONE PIECEグランドコレクション(ONE PIECE GRAND COLLECTION) / FINAL FANTASY, 怪盗ロワイヤル(Kaito Royale) / 神撃のバハムート(Shingeki no Bahamut)

Credit card settlement of peace of mind.
Overseas (outside of Japan) issued Kurejitokado or debit card in the can be used.

Prepaid card purchases in precamo You can use a credit card issued in foreign countries (except Japan).
In Japan, domestic services, such as Mobage, there are times when a credit card issued abroad is not available, but you can use if precamo.

Credit card debit card that can be used is the three types of "VISA Card", "Master Card", "JCB Card".

Also, in addition to the credit card, you can also use debit cards or prepaid credit cards.

※ If you want to use a card compatible with 3D Secure, pre-registration is required of 3D Secure.

All products are sold at list price.
It does not sell in the premium price.

precamo of goods are sold at list price in Japan.
Anyone, you can buy the goods safely in Japan of the regular price.

Points will earn in the purchase.

When you shopping at precamo, you will receive a 1% point of the purchase amount.
Acquired point is, you can use as 1point = 1JPY when shopping at precamo.

About account registration

  • 1Send e-mail
  • 2Information input
  • 3Completion
1. Send the e-mail

Access to the Account Registration Page.
Please send e-mail address.

※You will receive a confirmation email from "" domain.

2. Enter the registration information

A confirmation e-mail you will receive addressed to send the e-mail address. And access to the URL listed in the e-mail, please access the input page of the registration information.

Expiration date of the URL in the email is open 24 hours a day.

Enter your registration information.
Registration item is "name", "email address" and "Password", "gender", "date of birth".
* Item of "birth date" and "gender" can not be changed later.
3. Completion of registration
When you press the "登録する(Register)" button to register is complete.
When the registration is complete, so you will receive a registration confirmation email, please check.